Paul Orrell has kindly donated this photos. He writes:

"...In March 2012 Britannia had a spell on the West Somerset Railway, and to aid my model making I took a load of detailed pictures when she was at Bishops Lydeard... I also have some similar pictures of 92203 Black Prince from March 2013 at Bishops Lydeard during the Gala when I was doing some cleaning...



img_0844_small.jpg img_0845_small.jpg img_0846_small.jpg
img_0847_small.jpg img_0848_small.jpg img_0849_small.jpg
img_0850_small.jpg img_0851_small.jpg img_0852_small.jpg
img_0853_small.jpg img_0854_small.jpg img_0855_small.jpg
img_0856_small.jpg img_0857_small.jpg img_0858_small.jpg
img_0859_small.jpg img_0860_small.jpg img_0861_small.jpg
img_0862_small.jpg img_0863_small.jpg img_0864_small.jpg
img_0865_small.jpg img_0866_small.jpg img_0867_small.jpg
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