Here is an album of photos kindly shared by Paul Orrells of 70000 Britannia (running as 70021 Morning Star) at the WSR taken in March 2015.

img_6231_small.jpg img_6232_small.jpg img_6233_small.jpg img_6234_small.jpg
img_6235_small.jpg img_6236_small.jpg img_6237_small.jpg img_6238_small.jpg
img_6239_small.jpg img_6240_small.jpg img_6241_small.jpg img_6242_small.jpg
img_6243_small.jpg img_6244_small.jpg img_6245_small.jpg img_6246_small.jpg
img_6247_small.jpg img_6248_small.jpg img_6249_small.jpg img_6250_small.jpg
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