I am grateful to Doug Hewson for writing the excellent captions to these pictures.

70000 'Britannia' at Crewe - Detailed Photographs - 28 May 2000
Britannia - Cab Left 04.jpg
21. LHS of cab showing Driver’s seat. Forward of that is the reverser with cut off indicator drum painted red and latch for retaining setting in front. Above the reverser are the two valve for vacuum brake ejector, Tufnol handle on small ejector and handwheel on large ejector. Three spoke blower valve wheel to driver’s right on pedestal is non original as it should be four spoke similar to large ejector. Tufnol handle below blower is sanding valve. Brass casting on top of pedestal is the vacuum brake valve.
Britannia - Cab Left 05.jpg
22. Upper cab left side. Black bell in cab roof is for the AWS. Large dial is Speedometer, pressure gauge at top is steam chest pressure and below with two needles is the vacuum duplex gauge showing train pipe vacuum to left and reservoir vacuum to right. Between the gauges is the yellow and black AWS indicator. Below the AWS is the driver’s Steam Brake valve and the gauge frames to the right minus their protectors. Opening roof is for dropping chains through to attach to lifting eyes on rear frame extensions for lifting loco without removing cab, e.g. following derailment.


Britannia - Cab Left 06.jpg
23. Much the same as 21 Drain cock lever is just out of sight under small window shelf to left.
Britannia - Cab Left 07.jpg
24. Much the same as 21
Britannia - Cab Left 08.jpg
25. Much the same as 22
Britannia - Cab Left 09.jpg
26. Similar to 21 Just visible at bottom of pedestal is the lubricator for steam brake cylinder.
Britannia - Cab Right 01.jpg
27. Fireman’s side of cab with small carriage warming pressure gauge and larger boiler pressure gauge. Two handwheels to right are injector steam valves and red lever is whistle. Under window to right is the slacker valve and pipe for washing footplate down. Lever under lower injector valve is water valve for right hand injector.


Britannia - Cab Right 02.jpg
28. Cab Inside right with fireman’s seat. Just visible under fire hole door is rocking grate lever socket.
Britannia - Cab Right 03.jpg
29. Cab Inside right with fireman’s seat and door. Handle to right of door is linked to water valve under cab at left hand side for live steam injector. (See photo 36)
Britannia - Coupled Wheel Rear Right.jpg
30. Right hand read coupled wheel with exhaust steam pipe from blast pipe to RH injector.
Britannia - Cylinder Left Rear.jpg
31. Left hand motion. Note single feed swab box fixed to rear cylinder cover, pipe visible behind to drip on piston rod, also fixing of brake hanger with two bolt locking tab and simple split pin to retain brake block.


Britannia - Cylinder Right Front.jpg
32. Front of right hand cylinder with relief valve at bottom of cover.
Britannia - Cylinder Right Rear.jpg
33. Right hand motion with better view of oil swab box and rear relief valve. Good view of Silvertown Lubricator drive.
Britannia - Driver View.jpg
34. Left hand side of cab with driver’s view. Detail around windows worthy of note, particularly wind deflector.
Britannia - Driving Cab Left Front.jpg
35. Detail on left side of cab, note all those lovely rivets (and how small they are!). Duplex steam valve in front of cab window is large and small ejector valve (with operating spindles shown in photo 21). Note: pipe passing under Duplex valve is the blower from pedestal to blower in smokebox, it does not pass through the boiler. Cab window has been modified to later type as original ones did not open . Original ones had screwed brass frame round. (See Plate 25 in OPC BR Std Steam Locos). Valve below footplate is steam valve for steam operated cylinder cocks and larger pipe below that is from drivers brake valve to steam brake cylinder. A complete replacement laser cut cab set with all correct rivet holes and detail will be available soon from DH.


Britannia - Driving Cab Left.jpg
36. LH side of cab and firebox with ash pan damper visible. Quite prominent on top of the fire box are two mud hole doors (Mid feather access doors) and five washout plugs. Note washout plugs on BR Standards do not have beading around holes in cleading, better seen on photo 35. There are 25 washout plugs on a Britannia boiler, note two are at bottom of fire box side and one just beneath step forward of duplex valve. Attached to a bracket on firebox side is the Live Steam Injector and just under cab is the water valve for same operated by linkage from fireman’s side. Hopefully DH will have a lost wax castings for these water valves shortly (as at 14 Oct 2002).
Britannia - Driving Cab Right.jpg
37. Right hand side of cab and firebox. The valve on top of the firebox is the carriage warming pressure reducing valve which has a steam feed from the right hand end flange on the manifold. The pipe coming out of the front and dropping down to the footplate is connected to the train pipes at both ends of the loco/tender. Other details worth noting and well worth adding are the little rows of bolts along the cleading seams and the step for access to the manifold. The joints can be represented by a scribed line. Under the footplate is the blowdown valve and the small pipe taken off the injector deliver pipe to the left is the slacker pipe and hence can only be used when the exhaust steam injector is in use.
Britannia - Driving Cab Underside.jpg
38. View under the left side of the cab showing water valve with the operating linkage to the right hand side and above is the reservoir for the AWS (I think). The large pipe to the top left is the steam feed for the injector from the valve at the Fireman’s side of the cab.
Britannia - Firebox Left.jpg
39. Left side of firebox with the fittings as described above. Immediately under the injector is the ashpan dump catch. Note the overflow pipe under the injector is taken across the loco to the Fireman’s side so that he can see whether or not it is working properly.
Britannia - Firebox Right.jpg
40. RH Side of firebox. Details prominent are the lagged steam pipes for the carriage steam heating to front and rear of the loco, drop link to front damper door at front of firebox and blow down valve (With large thread on nozzle). Immediately in front of trailing truck wheel is the overflow pipe from left injector as described in 39 and note also single feed oil box on rear of truck.

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