The most detailed set of photographs available for


Britannia - Front Right.jpg (358309 bytes)     The old lady herself looking rather sorry for herself
a few years ago at Crewe before she was transformed
into the wonderful engine you see below...
This website provides you, the model engineering or railway enthusiast, with the most complete set of photographs of 70000 Britannia available anywhere.  What's more, all the photographs are provided FREE in their full-size format.  The main idea is to provide a free resource for people who are building models of this BR Standard Pacific class locomotive. There are a series of albums (see below) and each one consists of a number of pages (you can reach each by clicking on the links at the bottom of each page).  By clicking on any of the 'thumbnail' pictures on these pages you can see the full-size version or download it (on a PC by right-clicking and selecting 'Save Target As'.

Please note two things:

  1. These photos are copyright.  Sorry to be boring but they are provided free for your personal use only.  This includes printing them for your own use (but not for sale).  If you wish to use them in any 'non-personal' way, e.g. commercial uses or putting them on your own website, you must ask permission.  I cannot envisage an instance when this would not be granted to you but the terms of the copyright mean that you must ask first.
  2. Please let me know if you have found the photos useful.  I get nothing for providing these photos but hearing stories about how they have been useful to you somehow is reward enough!

And here are some pictures from way back on 2nd March 2011
with Britannia looking absolutely fabulous in her original Black livery.
Has there ever been a finer looking locomotive?
(Pictures by kind permission Peter Greenwood)

Britannia 1 Britannia 2

Britannia 1 Britannia 2

As at August 2018:  I have tried to tidy up one or two broken links but apologies if there are any more floating around!  I would like to say how very grateful I am to all the people who have written to me over the last 20 years or so, telling me about their Britannia (and related) projects.


Britannia at Crewe on 28th May 2000
At this time she was owned by pop mogul Pete Waterman.  She was not in service and badly in need of a major (and very expensive) overhaul.  These photos were taken with a rather cheap camera - sorry!

Britannia at Crewe on 25th November 2006
By this date 'Britannia' had been bought by Jeremy Hosking and was being repaired.  I was kindly granted permission to take photographs of her during her restoration.  The locomotive has been dismantled and the long task of renovating and re-building her has begun.  These photos are all taken with a resolution of at 8 megapixels.

Britannia at Crewe on 11th December 2007
Over a year later and the frames are taking shape.  However, the full extent of the work required on the boiler is now evident.  These photos are all taken with a resolution of at 8 megapixels.

Britannia at Crewe on 9th March 2010
Over two years later and the new boiler is being installed onto the rolling chassis.

Britannia at West Somerset Railway
Britannia in her original Black livery at the West Somerset Railway on the 20th March 2011. Not many detailed pictures here I'm afraid but nice to see her in steam!

Photographs of Britannia from Paul Orrells
Paul has kindly donated some pictures of Britannia to the site. These are of 70000 at the West Somerset Railway in March 2012. There are a few of 92203 'Black Prince' too.

More Photographs of Britannia from Paul Orrells, ths time with her posing as Morning Star
Paul has kindly donated some more pictures of Britannia. These are of 70000 dressed as 70021 at the West Somerset Railway in March 2015.  Note that the main pictures are provided in full size and unedited.  If you want to 'zoom' in and out you may find that holding down the 'control' key on your PC and rotating the mouse wheel will allow you to do this easily.

Not a Britannia (but here by request) these photographs of a 9F were taken at the 'Bluebell Railway' in Sussex, England and are owned by Graham Brooker.  Photos by Mitch Barnes.

The Clan Project
If you're a Britannia fan then why not take a look at The Clan Project's website - the Clans were very similar to the Brits and this project team are building a brand new one!

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