Great Western
'14xx' Class

The Ultimate Live Steam Tank Locomotive Kit for 5'' Gauge

Of Kings and Castles.... 

It is a tale well told of Kings and Castles,
of battles lost and won by the giants of
pre-nationalisation steam - the glory days of rivalry between companies and engineers to produce the fastest and most powerful loco-motives of their day. A time for satisfaction in a job well done; when a well turned out engine was a matter of individual pride.

It is also a tale of the hardworking tank locos that formed the backbone of branch line steam. Beautiful little engines as quintessentially British as cricket on the village green; their memory preserved forever in the hearts and minds of those with a true
appreciation of the golden years of steam railways.

We proudly present the latest model in our new range of live steam kits - a Great Western ‘14xx’ Class. Now you can enjoy building and driving this lovely engine - truly a little prince amongst Kings and Castles....

Complete in Every Detail...

Your kit contains every component necessary to 
compete and run a finished locomotive. Everything is
designed for straight-forward bolt-together assembly with absolutely no machining required. The locomotive frames are pre-cut by laser, the plate work and tanks pre-formed in heavy gauge brass. The copper boiler comes fully constructed, silver soldered throughout and superheated, hydraulically tested to twice working pressure.

The rivet detail is there to see along with a fully equipped cab. Then there's the real leaf springs, brass dome and whistle and so much more.

Faster Results and Affordable Too....

Designed for construction in less than 150 hours the ‘14xx’ class kit offers a fast build option for seasoned model engineers and falls within the skill range of the complete beginner.

Components can be paid for and despatched monthly so you can build as you buy, sensibly spreading the cost and workload.

The following pages provide comprehensive detail on kit composition and information on our affordable instalment terms.

Don't delay a moment longer - turn the dream into reality.