CLASS B7 "PUG" 0-4-0

The perfect shunting locomotive 

These diminutive little engines weighed only 21 tons in full size and were specifically designed to undertake
shunting duties in areas where a short wheelbased locomotive was required - notably docks and industrial sites.

Our model, with an overall length of less than 22 inches, is ideal for operation on tight curves and is of a size and weight compatible with easy handling and transportation.
Additionally she is a beautiful locomotive and sure to make an attractive display in brass, or when painted in the livery of your choice. Designed by J. Aspinall the locomotives were built between 1891 and 1910 over six separate batches. With dumb buffers and open cabs the locos were rugged with 23 surviving through to British Railways days.
This model is the result of extensive research including a thorough examination of No. 51218, one of only two surviving examples of the class, presently of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. We are confident this product will represent one of the most definitive models of the class available anywhere. The Pug incorporates all the usual attributes of a Winson kit and yet has been specifically designed to deliver our best value for money ever - this is our lowest price build-as-you-buy locomotive model announced to date.
Constructing a model locomotive is a deeply satisfying experience and whether you are an experienced model engineer, or new to the hobby, you will find the Pug an affordable and 
Complete in Every Detail...

Your kit comes complete with every component necessary to complete and run a finished locomotive. Everything is designed for straightforward bolt-together assembly with no machining required. The locomotive frames are precision cut and the platework is pre-formed, leaving only some hand finishing to produce a model in which you can take real pride.
The copper boiler comes fully constructed, silver soldered throughout and is hydraulically tested to twice working pressure.

Faster Results and Affordable Too . . .

You may have dreamed of building your own live steam locomotive for some time but sometimes the choice of subject can be difficult. In so many ways the Pug is ideal if you’re looking for a small affordable locomotive in 5” gauge.
Experienced model engineers will appreciate the advantages of our Pug kit which is designed for construction in under 150 hours - less than one tenth the time involved with a traditional build - and with success guaranteed.
Components are paid for and despatched monthly so you can build as you buy - sensibly spreading the cost and workload.
The following pages provide comprehensive detail on kit composition and information on our affordable instalment terms.
Any tank locomotive batches previously offered have always sold out quickly and we’re sure this delightful saddle tank will prove to be no exception.