Class B7 PUG 0-4-0
-the Model  5"gauge

We chose the Pug as our next model in response to customer requests for a smaller, more affordable locomotive, which is easy to handle and capable of handling the tight curves of a typical garden railway. We know many customers are also enthusiasts for shunting competitions and we believed the Pug fitted the bill perfectly. In addition she is a beautiful locomotive and is sure to make an attractive display in brass, or when painted in the livery of your choice.
Although many will delight in simply displaying the model, this is a working locomotive designed to pull a number of adults with ease. At 22 inches long it is portable in the typical family car and you shouldn’t need help with lifting and handling.
The kit comes complete with detailed assembly drawings, which clearly identify components by their unique parts number. Each individual part is identified by this number. Customers will have access to a helpline number should advice on construction, running or maintenance be required at any stage. Your kit will contain instructions on driving and maintaining your steam locomotive.

To build a model of this quality from raw castings could take even an experienced model engineer over 1000 hours - perhaps many years in elapsed time. To commission a one-off from a professional builder of reputation would almost certainly cost in excess of £5000 - considerably more than the price at which we offer this model. CNC batch production delivers excellent quality at a very competitive price - providing confidence in the future value of your locomotive over many years of proud ownership.
In assembling and painting this fine model you are adding value to the basic kit and you should expect, in the event of a subsequent re-sale, to realise somewhat in excess of the kit price paid.
The Pug kit is designed for construction in under 150 hours. 
Components are paid for and despatched monthly - sensibly spreading the cost and workload.
The following pages contain illustrations of each kit and a full parts listing. In addition we are able to provide photographs of the staged build from start to finish to demonstrate the fast and sure progress you can make as you build as you buy.


Outline Specification

In summary the specification of the model is as follows:

• 5" Gauge  
• Length 21.8" (55.5 cm)
• Height 11" (28 cm)
• Width 8.8" (22.4 cm)
• Weight 68lb (30.9 kg) 
• Turning Circle 12' (366 cm)
• Will pull 3 adults
• Cylinder Size 1.1/8" x 2.5/8"
• Boiler Diameter 3.3/4"
- Constructed from 3.0mm and 2.5mm copper
- Silver-soldered throughout
- Working pressure 80 psi
• Boiler Feed Arrangement
- Axle-Pump, Hand-Pump and Injector
• Valve Gear
- Stephenson's
• Designed on CAD and manufactured using modern CNC machinery. Excellent quality for build accuracy
• Twin Cylinder slide-valve engine
• Working suspension
• All components pre-machined
• Assemble with hand-tools only
• Step-by-step instructions
• Full technical back-up service and helpline

PLEASE NOTE: Kits are supplied unpainted.